Peter and Paul Fortress

Saint - Petersburg photo

Saint - Petersburg photo

The fortress was founded by Peter the First on the 27th May 1703 on a small Hare island in the delta of the river Neva. This date is the Day of foundation of Saint Petersburg now. At first it was built from earth and wood. The plan of the fortress repeats the island shape. It was built upon the project of french architect Lambert with the participation of Peter the Great. Six massy bastions named by the closest assistants of Peter the Great are connected with walls about 65 feet thick and 40 feet high. The earthen walls and wooden bastions were began to be relpaced by stone in 1706 and the reconstruction was finished in 1740s.

Some buildings were constructed inside the fortress during 18-19 centuries. They are Peter and Paul Cathedral, which is the burialvault for the house of Romanovs, the Mint (still producing coins and medals), Engineers’ House, Commandant’s House and others. Most of them are unique early Baroque style monuments in Russia.

Interesting facts:

There is the Museum of Astronautics and Space Technique inside the fortress, in the rooms of which the first russian secret laboratory of rocket science was in 1930s.

Peter and Paul fortress has never taken part in battles.

Until 2011 year there were two buildings with real inhabitants inside the fortress.

If you are in the Fortress at 12.00 am be ready for a loud gun shot. It's an old tradition to shoot from one of the bastions at noon.

Working hours:

Entrance to Hare(Zayachy) island 6am - 9pm daily(free).

Entrance to the fortress 9am - 8pm daily(free).

Ticket offices of museums inside 10am - 5pm daily(except Wednesday). The price is different depending on the exhibition, from 100 to 450 RUR. There are also combined entrance tickets(5 exhibitions) 600 RUR.

All museums, information desks and ticket offices are closed on Wednesday.

The nearest subway station is "Gorkovskaya".

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