The smelt fish in St Petersburg Russia

Saint Petersburg is, among everything else, well known for it smelt fish. It is the main marketable fish there.

Smelt is a rather small fish (15-20 sm long), which comes to sprawn to the Neva river. It happens each spring, and a lot of people go in for fishing on the embankments or even drive to the Gulf of Finland to go in for ice fishing there.

You could find it interesting that the fish smells of fresh cucumbers, but the smell disappears after cooking.

People in St Petersburg like the smelt so much that smelt festivals are held there annually. This festival is one of St Petersburg events, which doesn't have a fixed date. It depends on the time smelts enter the water area of the Gulf of Finland. This year the festival is held on the 14 and 15 of May 2016. The address is Vasil'evskiy island, Bolshoy prospekt, 103, exhibition complex Lenexpo, working hours are from 11 am to 8 pm. Entrance fee is 200 RUR

During smelt festival people spend their time outdoors taking part in different competitions,games and activities.They, of course, eat fried smelts and buy fresh fish to cook at home.

The most common way to cook smelts is fry them, or marinate already fried fish in vinegar and spices. It's so tasty you eat fish by fish not noticing how much you've already eaten, savouring each bite.

So, smelt is obviously a Saint Petersburg speciality, which can be eaten only in spring. If you are looking for things to do St Petersburg Russia, go to the smelt festival. No doubt, you'll see why the locals adore this small, cucumber smelling fish.

2016-11-28 14:11:38