Koporye - medieval fortress of the 13th century

Saint - Petersburg photo

Saint - Petersburg photo

So, you've already seen all "must see" places in Saint Petersburg Russia: Hermitage, Mariinskiy, Peter and Paul fortress, Peterhof, all famous cathedrals, other museums. And afterwards you've got some time to see more.

No doubt, Saint Petersburg is a magnificent place, but the region around the city contains a lot of interesting sights too.

One of them is Koporye fortress. it was built from wood in 1237 by Livonian Order knights after conquering the area. The fortress was reconquered and destroyed by russian duke Alexander Nevskiy in 1241.

The stone town was built in 1280 and was destroyed in two years because of local conflict.

The fortress was built in 1297 again and almost hasn't changed to present days. The fortress is situated about 100 km to the west of St Petersburg.

The entrance fee is 50 RUR, cashdesk working hours(for inside visiting) - 10 am - 04 pm

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